Federal Direct Loan Repayments

Depending on the overall federal loan amount that a student will need to repay along with his or her current financial situation, there may be different repayment options available. This federal resource will provide all of the information needed to be better informed of repayment options for federal loans. Options may include, Standard, Extended, Income Contingent and Income Based repayment plans, depending on the student borrower’s situation. Not all plans are available to all students. While we typically suggest choosing a plan that repays the loan the fastest, generally the Standard plan, the Income Based and Income Contingent plans might be best for the student in the short term. If a student has any questions, he or she may contact the Financial Services Department for assistance. Please know that the federal government has the right to change the terms of each plan at any time, including eliminating and adding plans. Students also have the right to change plans, per federal regulations, as needed.

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